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A smoke-free policy states where smoking can and cannot take place. The goal is to reduce exposure to secondhand smoke. A smoke-free policy does not require staff to stop smoking if they don’t want to quit. It simply restricts where smoking is allowed. When you make your health center smoke-free, you create a healthier environment.

A smoke-free health center is a win for everybody!

Your agency works hard to promote wellness in your community. Patients visit your site for health and social services. Families bring their children and their elders.

When your health center is smoke-free you reduce secondhand smoke and tobacco litter. 


When your agency adopts a smoke-free policy, you lead the way to healthier lifestyle choices.

The Compadres for Tobacco Free Los Angeles County aims to bring about smokefree environments to community health clinics and social service agencies in Los Angeles County including (South, East, and Downtown Los Angeles County, San Fernando Valley and Downey).

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