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The dangers of smoking have been well documented over the last 50 years, but the detrimental effects of tobacco use, and now, electronic cigarettes, continue to plague our communities. In Los Angeles County, health disparities are growing between the Latinx population and the general population. This is due, in part, to the prevalence and easy availability of tobacco and tobacco-related products in high-density Latinx neighborhoods.


To assist families, educators, employers, property owners and policy makers in reducing the negative impacts of tobacco and smoking, Compadres for Tobacco-Free Los Angeles County offers free prevention education and cessation resources. We work with local, regional, state-wide and national partners toward the common goal of creating healthy, tobacco and smoke-free communities. We encourage you to join us!


"Compadres" is the Spanish term commonly used to indicate a close friendship. However, the word compadres indicates a deeper meaning grounded in cultural and religious roots.


Compadres translates to the English equivalent of “God-Parents”. Latinx communities rely on the compadres support and resources to protect their children and families 



To empower the Latinx community towards improving its health by offering resources and sharing information to create thriving

smoke-free and tobacco-free

schools, clinics, and neighborhoods.


Partnering agencies will educate policy-makers on the importance of creating policies that:

  • Prohibit smoking, including the use of electronic smoking devices (ESDs),

    • In multi-unit housing complexes​

    • On vocational school and community college campuses, prioritizing Hispanic-serving institutions

    • Outside of health clinics that serve large numbers of Hispanic/Latinx residents

  • Eliminate the sale and distribution of mentholated cigarettes and/or other flavored tobacco products

  • Limit the density of tobacco retail outlets

Partnering agencies will help people quit smoking by:

  • Assessing and referring clients/patients to tobacco cessation services

  • Enrolling uninsured clients into a health plan so that they can receive tobacco cessation services

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