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Kick It California

California Smokers’ Helpline is rebranding.


Starting September 1, 2021, the Helpline will operate as Kick It California. The new brand is more than a new name! Kick It California will have a new logo, website, phone numbers, and social media accounts, replacing the California Smokers' Helpline properties. Current Helpline telephone lines will go live September 1st. The websites and applications will be routed to the new listings on September 30th.


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Phone Coaching

1. Kick-Off
To enroll in quit support over the phone, people can call us, chat with us or complete our online web form. This initial contact triggers a Kick-Off call, during which we obtain basic information about the person and what they’re trying to quit. 



2. Quit Coaching

Right after Kick-Off, the real coaching begins, with clinically sound, motivational interviewing. Speaking one-on-one means our coaches can really listen and tailor a quit plan to a client's unique circumstances. The call ends with setting a quit date, which is an important part of creating accountability, making it more likely that they'll put their plan into motion. 



3. Check In

We follow up with our clients at the times they're most susceptible to relapse after their quit date. In these calls, we check to see if their quit plan is working or if it needs to be modified for upcoming challenges. 


Phone Coaching Details

  • Coaching in English, Spanish, Mandarin, Cantonese, Korean, and Vietnamese

  • Monday-Friday 7 am-9 pm and Saturday 9 am-5 pm

  • Coaches undergo rigorous training & apprenticeships, participate in weekly monitoring & case reviews, and attend continuing education courses on cultural competency.


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(when contacting Kick It California, use Compadres Referral Code 93) 


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Text Coaching Program

Since 2015, Kick It California has supported nearly 10,000 Californians via text messaging. The program was set up to mirror our scientifically proven telephone counseling, in that the program centers around setting a quit date, and then adjusts the content and timing of the texts, so that they are relevant to the stage our clients are at on their journey to quitting. The text coaching program is central for Kick It California, since it aims to help people looking for quit support beyond a phone call and to reach a broader audience who might not be ready to talk to a coach.



1. Enrolling

Anyone can enroll in this program for free by texting one of the following phrases:


2. Planning

Our text coaching service is focused around motivation and planning. Having a strong reason to quit and a solid quit plan can help build confidence and increase the clients' chances of success. Setting a quit date is important because it encourages the clients to start actively planning rather just passively hoping to quit. A quit date is also important because the texts are relevant to the phase of quitting.
After a person enrolls, they can respond to any text with a question or comment. These are routed to a quit coach who can make a tailored response. Many of the clients say that this personalization is the best part.


3. Messaging

Our text messaging program is designed to give our clients extra support to quit cigarettes or vapes during the 6 months after signing up. Texts are more frequent initially and then taper off as the person passes milestones in quitting. Messages deal with motivation, planning, getting support, self-talk, recovering from slips and much more. These messages are tailored to help at critical points along the way, including useful tips for quitting and for staying quit. 

Text Coaching Details

•  The text program is available in English and Spanish

•  Automated text messages go out at 12pm and 6pm

•  Personalized support: Quit coaches will respond to clients' questions within one business day

•  Message and data rates may apply

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(when texting Kick It California, use Compadres Referral Code 93)

Chat Coaching 

The chat feature launched in June of 2016 to provide an alternative platform for clients and health care providers to connect with Kick It California. The chat service offers online support to clients interested in quitting smoking, vaping, or using smokeless tobacco. The chat coaching is modeled after our phone counseling protocol for smoking cessation, an approach which has been shown as effective in several randomized controlled trials. Kick It California's chat feature is also a useful tool for health care providers to find answers to cessation-related questions. Our goal is to reach a broad demographic and provide as much service as possible to clients and providers. The convenient chat format allows us to do just this. 


Coaching Protocol

Our quit coaches are highly trained to provide counseling via chat, including assessing the client’s needs, Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) eligibility, and addressing the importance of:

  • Motivation: having a strong, meaningful reason to quit

  • Planning: identifying triggers and finding strategies to manage these triggers

  • Setting a quit date: keeping clients engaged in the quit process and increasing accountability for change


Client Inquiries

Chat clients most commonly ask about the type of services available, the possibility of receiving NRT, and details on how we can help them quit. Generally, clients fall into two categories, the ones wanting quick answers to cessation-related questions and those interested in chatting about how to kick the habit. For details on how to quit, the chat sessions are typically longer. This allows quit coaches and clients to explore critical aspects of quitting like motivation, ambivalence, confidence, planning, and committing to a quit date.


Live Chat

After September 1, our chat service will be available on You can access our current chat service by clicking on the button below


(M-F, 7:00am-9:00pm; Sat, 9:00am-5:00pm)

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(when chatting on Kick It California, use the Compadres Referral Code 93)


Clients are busy and may need help while on the go, so in 2017 we introduced the No Butts mobile app, and years later we developed our No Vape app. Approximately 1,500 people download the free mobile apps from the App Store and Google Play each month. The No Butts and No Vape apps use scientifically proven methods that encourage quit attempts to help people stop smoking and vaping. The goal of Kick It California's mobile apps is to  provide clients with as many easy-to-use self-help tools to help kick the habit. 


App Features

No Vape and No Butts apps are designed to help people quit smoking and vaping and stay quit; with strategies accessible right from the palm of their hand. The mobile apps also feature useful tools like a personal log of smoking triggers, motivational reminders, and a variety of quit smoking and vaping tips. 

No Butts App



1. My Plan

After answering a few, simple questions, No Butts will offer a stop smoking plan tailored to the person who is trying to kick the habit. 

2. Log
A place to keep track of the triggers, and ways to handle them. This can help the person understand their smoking behavior better.

3. Dashboard
The dashboard gives a snapshot of the client's personal quitting info, as well as important reminders.

4. Quit Tools
This section provides extra resources to support persons on their quit journey and to help them stay quit. It includes information about the different quitting aids, checklists to help prepare before their quit date, materials, and links to helpful resources. 

5. Craving Crushers

Cravings only last a few minutes. Our app has ways to help people get through them. Some of these features include playing games, getting quit tips, or doing some deep breathing.



6. My Plan

Clients do best when they can identify their triggers and follow a plan to deal with them, especially a plan they've had a hand in creating. My Plan also shares lots of strategies that have worked for others. 



Are You Ready to Kick the Habit? 🚭📱

Beginning September 30, 2021


  Stay Smoke Free!  Use Compadres Referral Code 93

(when chatting on Kick It California, use the Compadres Referral Code 93)

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